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Where the Presence & Power of the Holy Spirit is Experienced

The Grace Center of Charleston

Who We Are

The Grace Center is dedicated to creating an encounter culture that hosts and stewards God’s presence resulting in transformed lives by prayer, healing and equipping.

We are Aligned with  

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Wednesday morning worship & prayer time
Grace Center of Charleston

Wednesday morning worship & prayer time

Wednesday morning worship & prayer time

Wednesday morning time of prayer and presence

Powerful Prophetic words over Charleston and our response in prayer

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Individual Healing Prayer Appointments

Prayer ministers offer a personal time to experience God’s healing touch. These appointments offer His truth and freedom in the lives of the participants. The Healing Team ministers in the area of physical healing, emotional freedom and spiritual deliverance. We believe sickness and disease are contrary to God’s plan for your life. “By Jesus’ stripes you are healed.” Jesus healed people of all manner of diseases, and He commanded his followers to do the same. You can receive healing prayer by setting up a prayer appointment.

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